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        Patty’s Cross Stitch     




Big Bird

Started November 2001 – Finished January 2002



Started 2001

Finished April 2002


I really didn’t enjoy stitching this piece.  The reversed out stars and hearts really slowed me down (didn’t want to do them ‘cause they took so long)


I am happy with the way it turned out though.



This Altoid Tin cover was stitched as my revealing gift to Reneemomto4 during the JAS 2002 round of the Secret Sister exchange at the Cross Stitch Board at Parentsplace.com


This was my first piece stitched on linen.


The pattern can be found here.



This Altoid Tin cover was stitched as my revealing gift to Jane during the OND 2002 round of Secret Sister at the Cross Stitch Board at Parentsplace.com.


The pattern can be found here.



“Our Grandchildren”

by Karen Avery


It took approx. 30 weeks to complete due to the fact I didn’t want to do the backstitching and didn’t work on it for weeks at a time LOL!! Once I put my mind to it, I finished the backstitching in 2 days.


October 20, 2002 at

11:55 p.m. EST



“Sitting Pretty”

by Valerie Pfeiffer.


This was a Christmas Present to my Mom.

The frame is 8x10.


This project took about 8½ weeks stitching 1-2 days a week.



December 22, 2002



This is my first project of 2003.


Started January 3rd and finished January 9th.


This kit was a part of my Secret Stitching Sister revealing gift from Bonnie (bp65) from the Cross Stitch Board at Parentsplace.com


The name of the kit is

“Whata Great Dad”

by Janlynn.



My second project of 2003. Started sometime in January, finished February 28, 2003.


This is a freebie from San-Man Originals stitched on 28 ct Honeysuckle Pink Jobelan using Six Strand Sweets floss.



This is my first attempt at Hardanger. Stitched on 28 count Honeysuckle Pink Jobelan using DMC 666 floss.


February 2003



This is my 3rd attempt at a Scissor Fob for Kirsten for the ParentsPlace Cross Stitch Board Scissor Fob Exchange.


It’s a Drawn Thread freebie and it was stitched using DMC and Seaside Treasures.


The cording is Anchor 683 (green) and the X’s between the yellow squares is green (White Pine)


April 2003





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